Logistic Service Provider

An outsourced business known as a logistics service provider (LSP) offers supply chain management services like shipping, warehousing, and distribution. It consists of LLP, 3PL, and 4PL.

  • Local Management, Global Solution
  • offer intricate global supply chains
  • Adapt logistical plans to specific requirements
  • Create and expand new lands all over the world
  • Transfer knowledge across cultures and geographies
Our supply chain services can be tailored to your operations.

supply chain managment

simplify supply chains to maximize network effectiveness.



Deticated contract carriage

The peak service performance of Penske’s DCC solution depends on its industrial expertise, commitment to safety, and cutting-edge transportation technology.


fright management

Every aspect of your company’s transportation infrastructure may be tracked and managed using penske freight management solutions.




transporation services

services for managing transportation that are fully tailored.





Work with Subject-Matter Experts in Your Industry
In response to your operations, production needs, and market demands, Penske delivers unique solutions.

We collaborate everyday behind the scenes with important firms in every sector, both large and small, to create and deliver the solutions and answers that businesses require the most.

Discover how we are laying the foundation for the future of logistics and transportation by looking through the list of services below.





We employ warehouse management systemstransportation management tracking, pick-up verification and point-of-pickup confirmations. Our expertise in regional and international transportation management facilitates imports and exports of cross-border shipments with international suppliers.


Penske has deep experience improving supply chain management for leading U.S. and European chemical, paint and agricultural products companies. We understand the market and regulatory forces affecting this industry and can adapt your operations to maximize safety and effectiveness.

consumer products

Penske Logistics becomes an extension of your company to handle all kinds of goods — from home furnishings and appliances to fresh foods, packaged consumables, beverages and more. We deliver the business results you expect by making sure your goods arrive on time, undamaged and in the correct quantities.

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